Group tours

“Quale mondo giaccia al di là di questo mare non so, ma ogni mare ha un’altra riva, e arriverò.”
Cesare Pavese

Would you like to join one of the many group tours we organise for a number of bodies (recreational and cultural associations, libraries, employees’ recreational clubs, businesses, schools or simply groups of friends) that for decades have entrusted us with their most beautiful trips? You will be able to travel together and enjoy the assistance of a group leader. The proposed itineraries – always customised – can be unusual or classical, culinary, cultural, sporty or religious. They are the result of our first-hand knowledge of attractions, hotels, restaurants and guides we have chosen over the years during our escorting activities.

Our packages are always transparent: they clearly state the services which are included as well as paying ones,  the actual value of airport taxes and an indication of the possible exchange rates used. For your peace of mind we guarantee our 24/7 assistance.

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