Our travel philosophy

Group stays and tours – escorted travels exclusively organised in a ‘tailored’ way

It is the empathy we create in the relationship with our customers – many of whom have become dear travel companions and friends over time – which motivates us to work better when organising group stays and tours. It is our desire to discover the magic of the world with them, its ancient and new civilisations, its often unspoiled nature, its flavours.

Group travels generate strong, shared emotions that often create bonds and deep friendships, as well as a sense of belonging – so rare nowadays. After all, a travelling group is basically a small family who experience respect, care, mutual support and sympathy, hence best preparing itself to positively share moments with the people we encounter: moments that are often ingrained in our memories and hearts more than any important monuments or unique landscapes.

To us this is the the aim of travelling: opening up to others and appreciating diversity. When meeting the soul of places or people we often rediscover ourselves and that wonderful feeling of unity in diversity.

Our primary treasure is the high-level satisfaction expressed by our customers, who constantly renew their trust in us. On average 150 organisations and 5000 people travel with us in a group every year. We are pleased to say that we have never been involved in any dispute and or felt the need to launch any advertising campaign: word of mouth has always been our best advertisment.

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Why choose Centocittà Viaggi

The proposed itineraries – always customised – can be unusual or classical, culinary, cultural, sporty or religious. They are the result of our long experience in escorting groups, our love for the whole world, our sensitivity in serving our customers with professionalism while understanding their needs and desires: we try and translate all of this into a unique and unrepeatable travel experience, constantly paying attention to its quality/price ratio.

Our sea, mountain, thermal and wellness stays are the result of a careful selection of facilities providing the best value for money, with which we have had a personal relationship for decades.

Mastery of English, German, French and Spanish allows us to be in direct contact with our selected suppliers worldwide and to offer a high-level quality, unusual and exclusive services at competitive prices. An all-encompassing assistance during the travel preparation and execution with a 24/7 business availability

The best insurance products offered to our customers before and during the travel: All our travel packages lasting for several days include our insurance for medical expenses, repatriation for health reasons, baggage damage and cancellation fee refund. This product was especially designed for our customers and it offers the best in the insurance field today (including deductible abatement, coverage of pre-existing medical conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases with no age limit; coverage extended to second-degree relatives; refunds guaranteed within 45 days and insurance file opened free of charge). More information under the dedicated section.

Maximum protection for our customers in case of liability and against default risk, with the conclusion of insurance policies complying with all legal provisions in force.

Civil Liability Insurance to cover the damages involuntarily caused to our travellers on all packages sold – Policy no 62970225-RC16 Insurance Company ERV ITALIA

Insurance against Bankruptcy and Insolvency Risks
Substituting the Guarantee Fund (pursuant to Article no. 51 of the Code of Tourism) and pursuant to EU Directive no. 2015/2302 of November 25th, 2015 – Policy no. 60066000212/E Insurance Company Filo diretto Assicurazioni SpA

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