Let’s Go! The English summer camp.

A full-immersion and fun summer camp but…staying home!


LET’S GO is a summer camp in English dedicated to children aged from 6 to 14.

In our camps children are placed in an English-only environment: we will help them develop/improve their speaking comprehension, expressive skills and communication strategies in this language so important for their future.

They will broaden their vocabulary and lose any inhibitions, thus enhancing their self-esteem. Last but not least, they will open up to other cultures and be more motivated to learn a new language.

Our English camp TYPICAL DAY is designed to ensure maximum learning while having fun!


08:00-08:30 Early arrival (optional and with extra charge)
08:30-08:35 Welcome
08:35-09:30 Camp theme, dances, description of the activities for the day
09:30-10:30 Learning and/or sports games
10:30-10:45 Snack
10:45-12:45 Classroom lesson
12:45-13:30 Packed lunch
13:30-14:00 Story Telling
14:00-15:00 Classroom lesson and/or labs
15:00-16:30 Team games
16:30-17:00 Point count, theme song, goodbye

PLEASE NOTE: The time dedicated to classroom teaching may be increased with no additional charge. The trip day will be announced when the camp begins.



Listen to the experiences of those who have already lived in the english camp LET’S GO! The story of this experience from the point of view of our tutors, primary and secondary school teachers and host parents.

Why choose us

We base our work on the educational theories of great foreign and Italian thinkers. The camp spirit is to surround the children with an English-only context enhancing their curiosity, learning skills, decision-making awareness, individual responsibility, creativity, sense of belonging to a group: the cornerstones of a healthy development. During the camp you are not evaluated, there are no marks and the prizes awarded to the teams refer to their positive behaviour and attention towards others. CLIL teaching methodology: Content and Language Integrated Learning – educational material broken down into levels according to the Common European Framework

To allow better learning and a serene socialisation environment, during purely educational hours our camps are organised in study groups of about 12 children of similar age and linguistic level, whereas during the games they mix up in all teams. Each activity will be carried out in English, with repetitions and demonstration of key words for an easy learning. Educational material broken down into levels according to the Common European Framework.

who will be speaking in English with the exception of any times of need, especially with children. Supervisory role and organisational responsibility – accountability to families. In numerous camps they will be supported by further bilingual support figures.

Can an English teacher within the school intending to promote the camp organisation act as a CAMP LEADER?

YES, absolutely. They are properly paid; subject to prior discussion with the organisers in terms of organisational/educational aspects.
Please contact the agency to define any organisational and economic terms and conditions.

Upon request (and reconfirmation depending on the actual number of participants) we can organise the Theatre Workshop ‘Treasure Island, a Place of Adventure’

The aim of the project ‘Tresure Island, a Place of Adventure!’ is to bring children closer to the English language in a dynamic and fun way. Hence, they can learn English spontaneously and naturally, developing their language skills without being afraid of word sounds.

They will study Stevenson’s language by learning ‘Treasure Island’ lines and will set up a play. In addition to having fun with the characters and the theatrical play, they will strengthen their memory and enrich their vocabulary.

Performing a play in English creates a joyful and memorable impact with the language: all linguistic development opportunities are ‘hidden’ in a secure and spontaneous environment. This way English becomes a practical tool that develops along with creativity and imagination! Learning to speak, move and think in English in the magical environment of the theatre – where anything can be experimented and anything can happen – promotes a creative way of learning that will last forever!

The project includes three laboratories: ‘How to be a set designer’, ‘How to be a costume designer’ and ‘How to be an actor’ to be chosen according to the participants’ personal inclination.

The package includes a half-day educational sports excursion by bus in a local area. To be defined each year.

To meet the parents’ needs the camp can be accessed at 08.00 am upon payment of a small fee but with no minimum number of children.

The tutors will be welcomed by the children’s families, who will provide them with a private room (or a room shared with other tutors if a single family hosts two teachers), breakfast, dinner and packet lunches. Host families will benefit from a 50% reduction on their first child subscription fee. We can assure you that the experience of hosting a tutor is always exciting for children as well as for the whole family: you will have the opportunity to speak English outside of the camp too, but above all you will be able to broaden your knowledge on the world and different costumes. The tutors will be hosted as of the Friday or Saturday before the camp until the following Saturday or Sunday and includes any incoming and/or departure transfers. Should the host families outnumber the tutors, they will be assigned according to the following preferencial criteria: distance from the camp; families with more participating children. For organisational reasons the tutors’ generalities will not be notified in advance. Gender preferences or food habits can be reported but do not constitute an obligatory condition to be met.

The participation fee to the camp includes our ‘Ami Travel 365’ insurance, which provides coverage for medical expenses/accidents as well as cancellation fees. Furthermore, it includes a Civil Liability Insurance ERV (Policy no 62970225) and the ‘Former Guarantee Fund’ policy (default risk) Filo Diretto 600600212/E. The full policy statements are available at the agency’s premises.

A ‘SURPRISE’ that has been very successful…

si prega di contattare l’agenzia per la definizione delle modalità.

Frequently asked questions

While being held in the same spaces used during the school year, the playful approach of the camp will have children live an experience entirely different from school: they will learn while having fun and have fun while learning, and they will approach knowledge and studying differently

Absolutely NOT, our playful approach makes the day light and serene: younger children’s capacity to adapt to new expressive forms usually exceeds that of older ones. Italian will still be used if necessary

simple stationary materials: a pencil case, scissors, glue, sketch pad, notebooks or pocket-books. A pair of trainers if needed. A complete set of clothes to be left at the camp. Centocittà will provide you with all teaching and gaming materials needed for the laboratories

YES, absolutely. They are properly paid; subject to prior discussion with the organisers in terms of organisational/educational aspects.
Please contact the agency to define any organisational and economic terms and conditions.